Trim-Jet™ P

Automated water-jet edge-trimmer

Trimming solutions for all paper grades


  • Removes edge defects that can cause sheet breaks at the size press or the winder
  • Enters the sheet when starting to trim without causing sheet breaks
  • Not affected by sheet oscillation – critical on high speed machines
  • Not affected by sheet speed, moisture, caliper or tension
  • Trims an oscillating sheet
  • Cuts narrower trim – down to 15 mm



  • Trim tip feeds itself into the trim chute automatically
  • Uses diamond orifices that can last upward of 3,000 hours
  • Reduced downtime, long service cycles
  • Optional rope retraction system to allow cutting head travel

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Trim-Jettm P is specifically designed for publication grades (printing & writing, paperboard, pulp, etc.). The Trim-Jettm P is an automatically adjusted water-jet edge-trimmer, usually equipped with a servo-motor for accuracy and repeatability.

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    Over 600 systems installed worldwide
    Over 600 systems installed worldwide
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