Jet-X™ Slitter

Single or multiple head, ultra-high pressure water-jet in-line slitter

Engineered water-jet in-line slitting solutions


Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water-jet in-line slitting offers:

  • dust free cutting
  • faster production
  • reduced maintenance
  • improved safety compared to saw blade cutters
  • no saw blades to sharpen

Water-jet nozzles are typically running kerf loss of 0.003” to 0.015” (0.076 mm to 0.381 mm) – an 85%-95% saving on cutting loss. This is an immediate saving and increases your yield

Customers immediately notice the reduction in dirt and dust build up in the cutting area, which benefits the employees with a cleaner and healthier work environment. No vacuum or dust bag maintenance is required and helps in the reduction of fire hazards.

Paprima has a dedicated pilot facility that can run test cuts as a trial to confirm speed and edge quality



The Jet-Xtm Slitter can be a fully automated or manually adjusted water-jet web-slitting system, with single or multiple cutting heads, depending on the production needs.

Proven web production applications include:
Packing material, Fibre cement board, Roofing/Cladding materials, Plastic films, Carbon fibre, Ceiling tiles, Composites (multi-layered with fibre-glass, foam, and cloth), Liquid Packaging Board, Insulation (fibre glass and foam), FRP (fibre glass reinforced polymer), Wet end – fibre board, OSB (oriented strand board) and particle board, Rubber, Acoustic foams, Cellulose sponge and Non woven polypropylene…

If needed, inquire with us for further explanation or click on the box below to determine the best customized water-jet slitting solution for your application.

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    Over 600 systems installed worldwide
    Over 600 systems installed worldwide
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