The Industry Leader in High-Pressure Water-Jet Solutions

With over 35 years of expertise, Paprima was the first to introduce high-pressure water-jet technology to the Pulp and Paper industry worldwide and has further developed this technology for today’s most challenging applications.

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Our mission

Leading with Innovation, Sustainability, Reliability and Excellence

Paprima’s industry-leading products have been installed in over 700 systems globally, making us the trusted name in the industry. Our team of experts delivers tailor-made solutions that meet the industry’s most demanding applications.

Industry Transformation

Revolutionizing the Pulp and Paper industry through innovation and sustainability allows our customers to optimize processes and set new benchmarks.

Global Presence

As the global leader in water-jet technology, our team of experts offers solutions for machines worldwide.

Trusted Reputation

Top tissue, paper and board manufacturers and paper machine OEMs trust Paprima due to their reputation for providing the highest quality equipment.

Our history

A Journey Through Time

Establishment of Paprima Industries

Founded in 1985 by Roman Caspar, Paprima Industries was established in Montreal, Quebec, marking the beginning of our journey in high-pressure water-jet technology for the pulp and paper industry.

Pioneering On-Machine Water-Jet Cutting

In 1988, Paprima achieved a significant milestone by becoming the industry’s first to provide on-machine water-jet cutting technology. This innovation set the stage for our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Commissioning the First Water-Jet Tail Cutter

Paprima’s first water-jet tail cutter and high-pressure pump were commissioned, setting the industry’s standard for quality and innovation. Both are still operational today.

Installation of The First Water-Jet Trim-Jet™ P

Paprima installed its first water-jet edge trimming system for publication paper grades.

Commissioning the First Water-Jet Trim-Jet™ H

Paprima commissioned its first water-jet slitting system for tissue grades and its first generation of the 1380 pump.

First Installation of the Reel-Jet™ Turn-Up System

Paprima installed its first gooseneck assisted turn-up system, addressing the inefficiencies of conventional turn-up systems.

Commissioning the First Reel-Jet™ S Turn-Up System

Paprima successfully commissioned its first turn-up system that uses sealant. Today, with over 200 installations worldwide, it continues to serve various tissue and paper grades.

First Installation of the Edge Glue System

Paprima commissioned its first edge glue system for the Reel-Jet S to reduce flying paper.

Commissioning the First Power-Jet™ Dry-End Cleaner

Paprima commissioned its first water-jet dry-end cleaner for dryer fabrics and its first medium-pressure pump, which exceeded the capabilities of existing cleaning systems.

First Installation of The Power-Jet™ Wet-End Cleaner

Paprima installed its first water-jet wet-end cleaner for forming and press section fabrics.

World Leader in High-Pressure Water Jet Technology

Paprima is a highly dynamic company that has experienced significant growth in recent years, thanks to its exceptional team of skilled employees. The company has established itself as the industry leader by investing in cutting-edge remote monitoring technology for its equipment and developing service software that provides unparalleled services to its customers. Additionally, Paprima has built a state-of-the-art testing and process development facility. With more than 700 installations worldwide, Paprima is committed to expanding its reach and setting new industry standards.

Our installations

Spread Out Across Multiple Countries, Provinces, and States Worldwide.

Equipment Engineered for Reliability & Durability

Since 1989, Paprima has been a pioneer in the industry, with our tail cutter being the first of its kind. Today, it is still being used, a testament to the durability and reliability of our machinery. Paprima has been transforming the industry with our cutting-edge solutions, including our tail cutters, turn-up system, edge trimming and slitting systems, and fabric cleaners. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is what sets us apart from the competition. Choose Paprima for machinery that is built to last.

Transform your production efficiency with our state-of-the-art equipment technology. With Reel-Jet, you can minimize core loss and enhance turn-up efficiency, while Power-Jet ensures that your fabrics are always clean and maintain fabric permeability. Trim-Jet guarantees top-quality finish by enabling precise water-jet slitting and edge-trimming. And with Jet-X 2000, you can enjoy uninterrupted cutting, improving your overall productivity.

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Continuous Improvement and Research & Development

At Paprima Industries, we believe in relentless progress and innovation. Our journey towards excellence is paved with a strong dedication to continuous improvement and cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D). We constantly strive to elevate our solutions to new heights, aligning with the evolving needs and technological advancements of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Approach to Continuous Improvement

In an ever-changing industrial landscape, we embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement. Our teams meticulously analyze our products, processes, and customer feedback to identify areas for enhancement. Through an agile approach, we implement refinements and updates to our offerings, ensuring they remain at the forefront of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Process Development Facility

We understand how crucial it is to test new applications before putting them into use. That’s why we have our own cutting testing and process development facility. Our experts conduct rigorous tests on behalf of our clients to ensure our equipment meets their desired specifications. With Paprima, you can be confident that your applications will be thoroughly tested and optimized for maximum performance.

Future-Forward Thinking

We are constantly seeking ways to enhance our equipment and increase the time between service intervals. We firmly believe that remote monitoring will benefit our clients in the long run by enabling us to predict downtimes, which can lead to significant cost savings for mills. Our ultimate aim is to install sensors on all of our equipment to accurately forecast when they will be due for maintenance.

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