Revolutionizing The Paper-Making Process

With our decades of experience, Paprima provides solutions that meet or exceed even the toughest industry challenges and deliver exceptional efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Discover how our technologies deliver process improvements that result in cost savings in your operation.


Increase your turn-up efficiency and minimize spool core losses with our innovative water-jet turn-up system.


Our forming fabric and dryer felt cleaning systems are designed for demanding applications, providing a thorough and effective cleaning solution to optimize fabric performance and longevity.


Our system provides reliable water-jet slitting and edge-trimming solutions.

Jet-X™ Dry-End Tail Cutters

Automated high-pressure water-jet dry-end tail cutters with single or dual heads with precise tail width and positioning capability.


Automated low-pressure water-jet wet-end tail cutters with single or dual heads with precise tail width and positioning capability.


Paprima manufactures a range of medium and high-pressure pumps integral to its equipment to improve efficiency, decrease cycle time and increase lifespan.


Unlocking Efficiency and Next-Level Quality

Our technology is designed to improve paper production, resulting in more efficient operations and higher quality.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline your processes with our solutions, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

Waste Reduction

Reducing core losses and sheet breaks can increase paper machine efficiency and create a more sustainable and safe production environment.

Water-Jet Cut Quality

Achieve unparalleled cut quality, ensuring your paper products meet the highest industry standards.

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