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Paprima Industries is a prominent Canadian company. It is the world leader with state-of-the-art offerings of High Pressure Water-Jet Technology mainly for the Pulp and Paper Industry with over 30 years of experience. Paprima has the largest installed base of water-jet technology products with over 700 systems installed worldwide. In addition, Paprima has continuously dominated the market with innovative new products and solutions for paper machine optimization.

Paprima’s success is attributed to its ongoing research and development of new products merged with process knowledge and improvements of existing products to surpass customer’s expectations. Paprima is the only supplier in the world who has designed a distinct high pressure water pump and a water make up system that meets the requirements for the harsh and demanding environment of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Paprima has built its reputation on high quality, reliability, and innovative products focusing on optimization solutions. Furthermore, Paprima has focused on building a dedicated technical service team that provides installation supervision, start up, commissioning, optimization, training and aftermarket services. Subsequently due to its high quality, reliability, efficiency, and safe design, Paprima has earned the prestigious reputation of being the industry leader.



Paprima was founded in 1985 and right from the beginning, the focus of the company was to utilize water-jet technology for the Pulp and Paper Industry.

In 1988, Paprima was the first company to successfully pioneer on-machine water jet cutting technology for the Pulp and Paper Industry. Paprima’s first commercial cross-machine water jet tail cutter was commissioned in June 1989, well ahead of any other similar products by other manufacturers. This first installation was sold as a complete system comprising of a high pressure water pump, cutting head, beam and controls, altogether engineered and manufactured by Paprima. Since then, the company has expanded its sales of water-jet tail cutters and has also been heavily engaged in the development of new custom-made water-jet solutions.

Paprima’s following breakthrough was a water-jet turn-up system. Introduced in early 2002, the Reel-Jet™ turn-up system was the answer to the lack of efficiency from conventional turn-up systems. Today, Paprima has more than 150 Reel-Jet™ installations for a wide range of paper types and basis weights.

In 2010, Paprima challenged its R&D department to develop a revolutionary fabric cleaner. Many of the cleaning systems that are still available today have design and/or operational flaws. Paprima’s Power-Jet™ Cleaner is the latest innovation to clean and, more importantly, maintain the highest level of permeability of dryer fabrics. This novelty puts it in a different class compared to what is currently available in the market from the competition.

During the same period, Paprima started looking outside of the Pulp and Paper industry for other industries with similar challenges that would benefit from using water-jet cutting processes. These include, but are not limited to; environmental (dust), safety (blade wear & maintenance, automated processes, etc.), cut quality, reduced waste, and the actual product composition. Transferring Paprima’s expertise to other industries has been met with great success and immediate acceptance and customer satisfaction!

Over 600 systems installed worldwide
Over 600 systems installed worldwide
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