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Trimming Solutions


The Trim-Jet™ P is designed for edge-trimming packaging and publication grades in dry-end sections. This automated water-jet edge trimmer offers precise positioning and repeatability, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout the trimming process. It can be installed before the reel, after an online supercalender, on a coater, before a hard nip calender or before a size press.

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Edge trimming can be a crucial step in the paper-making process, as it allows for the removal of poor quality or cracked edges and uneven edge moisture, as well as the production of steady and precise web widths at any point along your online or offline processes. Additionally, the waste trim generated during the trimming process can be efficiently returned directly to the nearest pulper or remote broke chest, minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

Water-jet edge trimming technology provides a highly effective solution for creating a high-quality and fixed edge in the cross-machine direction, overcoming the challenges posed by the sideways-moving web. By utilizing the Trim-Jet™ P, you can wind rolls with a perfect edge, prevent coating materials from seeping through gaps, thereby avoiding contamination on the other side of the sheet or its backing during coater application. Furthermore, the Trim-Jet™ P maintains a fixed edge through calender and supercalender, reducing heat stress on the roll cover and eliminating uneven sheet edge caliper.



  • Cut trims as small as 15mm (0.59”) and up to 150mm (5.9”) or higher
  • Can handle and convey trims using compressed air or a blower fan
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Diamond cutting nozzles for reliable jets and long-life
  • Can be installed where ropes are present


  • Able to engage into any sheet edge quality to initiate any pre-set trim removal width
  • Can effectively trim an oscillating sheet to produce a high-quality fixed-edge
  • Eliminates forming edge defects that may lead to sheet breaks
  • Not affected by sheet speed, moisture, caliper, or tension


  • Able to sustain narrow trim down to 15mm (0.59″) for maximum product on the reel
  • Production costs are significantly improved as only rolls with hole defects or requiring splicing must be re-reeled
  • Increased machine speed
  • Sheet edges are directed to the machine pulper, bypassing any broke chest

Let's Connect and Discuss Your Needs!

Get in touch to learn more about our solutions and how we can contribute to realizing your objectives.

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