Power-Jet™ Cleaner

Engineered fabric cleaning solutions

Dry-end and wet-end applications


The complete package offered by Paprima is taking all of the following design criteria into consideration:

  • Dislodging contaminants from the fabric
  • Removing those contaminants from the process, away from the machine
  • Drying the fabric and removing excess water

The final product addresses and solves problem experienced by papermakers with available systems on the market today. In short, these advantages are:

  • Higher dryer fabric permeability
  • Continuous cleaning operation
  • Better end-product quality
  • Energy savings
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • “Stickies” removal


  • Custom-built water pump designed specifically for this application
  • Patented head design for both cleaning efficiency and removing water and contaminants from the dryer fabric
  • Servo-motor drive for accurate carriage positioning and cleaning cycle control
  • Reduced installation cost since no vacuum is used
  • No complex piping with the addition of a patented separator close to the cleaning head reducing furthermore the installation cost

pjc_cleaninghead_dirtremoval  pjc_cleaninghead_2

The Power Jettm Cleaner is an advanced design which cleans the dryer fabric continuously. Its purpose is to remove contaminants which reduce fabric permeability as well as to remove “stickies” at the highest level possible. These “stickies” are becoming more and more problematic as the recycled content in the pulp furnish increases. Substantial savings and a more uniform end-product are the result of the Power-Jettm Cleaner usage.

The paper machine dryer section is a major consumer of steam and maintaining the highest possible dryer fabric permeability is one way to maximize heat transfer to the sheet of paper, and saves energy. In the forming  section the version of our continuous cleaner drastically reduces the amount of water used with common cleaners while keeping the fabric optimally cleaned.

The Power-Jettm Cleaner helps in achieving these objectives.

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    Over 600 systems installed worldwide
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